What lead me to voice over?

Well, as a child I was kind of quiet, but certainly not shy. My mother encouraged me to express myself through music and dance and that I did. My after-school play with friends was centered around making up plays and performing them to whoever was willing to watch. There was also the dressing up and dancing around the backyard pretending to be in some far off land of make believe. All through my school age years I was always ready, willing and able to take part in any on stage performance. Maybe being that I grew-up with four brothers had something to do with my wanting to find a stage to express myself on.

After high school I decided to choose a practical career. So I became a teacher. I taught in pre-Kgn. through 4th grade for 20+ years. I also worked as a Children’s Librarian in a public library for four years. In addition to running reading programs for kids, I was the story-time hour storyteller. Story reading and telling is something I’ve always enjoyed with my captive audiences of children of all ages.

I found the stage a comfortable place and enjoy speaking to audiences of all ages. That stage not only includes an actual stage, but my work as an educator, a docent at an arts and science museum and a volunteer tour guide for the Seeing Eye as well.

Being raised by a play-wright mother, I’ve been part of theater activities since my early teen years from theater camp, school musicals, and community theater where I enjoyed acting, singing and dancing to audiences.

But, there’s also a quite side to my world. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2005 and enjoy helping my students not only get in touch with their bodies, but with their inner-selves as well. This includes leading guided meditations from mine or others scripts, as well as in the moment, off the top of my head guided relaxations.

The thought of including voice over in my repertoire of acting was brought to my attention from a friend over two decades ago. There it sat in the back of my mind until I finally had had enough of the field of education and decided to learn what VO was all about. After finding my teacher Carrie Olsen and learning the ropes, it was time to move full speed ahead into the voice over industry.

If you’re in the business of finding a voice for your brand that is not just a voice, then you’ve come to the right place. Why? Because this voice is also a person who would like to connect with you. So, please stop by my demo page, take a listen and let me know if you think we’d be a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you.